To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme...

magnetic poetryApril is National Poetry Month! Every year since 1996 the Academy of American Poets has led a month long celebration of poetry. The goal is to show the American public that there is more to poetry than words penned by stuffy, long-dead poets. Our American literary heritage has always been rich in poetry, but we also have living poets writing words of inspiration, beauty and wit.

The Academy of American Poets has provided a list of 30 different ways people can celebrate National Poetry Month. Some are easy (put a poem on the pavement), and some are more time-consuming (organize a poetry reading). Here at the Tomball Library, we have provided a display of poetry collections and Young Adult novels in verse, conveniently located near the front door. We hope you will stop by, browse the display and pick up a book of poetry this month.

This year I plan on writing one haiku a day during the month of April. How will you celebrate National Poetry Month?

Flickr CC: magnetic poetry Photo by:surrealmuse