Rising Stars of Romance

iron dukeAll readers love a new release by one of the favorite authors they've been reading for years and years.  Some of us wait quite impatiently.  But, because of the work I've been doing with the HCPL Book Hunters service and my own insatiable reading habit, lately I've been enjoying disovering authors that are new to me.  I must say, there seems to be a very talented group of young romance authors right now.  Their books already have library customers waiting in line, but check one out if you haven't already beat me to it:

Meljean Brook

Her Guardian series is excellent, but I really love the new steampunk Iron Seas series.

Courtney Milan

Intelligent historical romances.  The way she handles a character with mental health issues throughout her series is entirely fresh.

Nalini Singh

I'm a longtime fan of her Psy-Changeling series, which is great as science fiction, paranormal, or romance.

Cynthia Eden

She is equally good with romantic suspense and steamy paranormal, so read to your preference.

Laura Griffin

She writes award-winning romantic thrillers that will keep you from sleep until you finish them.