Every once in awhile, people seem to get an unexplainable urge to hit the highway.  In 1271, Marco Polo embarked on his journey to China, taking three and a half years to reach his destination.  Probably the phrase, "Are we there yet?" originated at this time.  Polo's strange and fantastic tales of his travels inspired many explorers, including Christopher Columbus.  There's something about the open road that still appeals to young and old today.  It's no wonder that in summertime, many Americans pack up cars and vans, RVs and campers, and set out on road trips.  


We live in a country that has a tremendous variety to offer roadtrippers, from national parks and beautiful scenery to towns and cities with historical landmarks, museums, and other tourist attractions.  Once one is away from the normalcy of daily life, it's not that difficult to find adventure.  "Adventure is just bad planning," said Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen.  


Can't take the time to get away?  The stories of great road trips abound at your local library.