Road Trip!

Angel Fire, New Mexico by David FriedelWith the 4th of July holiday this week, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about travel.  Whether your family has a trip planned this summer or you plan on sticking around home, you might grab one of these books that features a road trip or travel.  Discover a new place through another’s journey, either while you take one of your own or from the comfort of home.  What would you recommend?

Road Trip & Travel Reads

going bovine bookjacket

secret life of prince charming bookjacket

last great getaway bookjacket

hit the road bookjacket

ostrich boys bookjacket





abundance of katherines bookjacket

don't stop now bookjacket

long gone daddy bookjacket

wanderlove bookjacket

becoming chloe bookjacket





in honor bookjacket

disenchantments bookjacket

amy and roger's epic detour bookjacket

rose by any other name bookjacket

you don't know about me bookjacket





the miles between bookjacket

easy as falling off the face of the earth bookjacket

play me bookjacket

pretty bad things bookjacket

road trip to the pretty girl capital bookjacket





Flickr CC: Angel Fire, New Mexico Photo by: David Friedel