Robin Hobb: Fool's Assassin

 I had the privilege of reading Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb recently, due to be published in August 2014.  For those who loved the Farseer Trilogy, you will enjoy rejoining with some favorite characters and meeting new ones.  Even if it has been some time since you've read the books, and this would be a great time to do a re-read in preparation for the book's arrival, Robin Hobb does an excellent job of reminding readers what has happened without letting the story get bogged down.  That is always a tricky task for a writer, to refresh our memories and keep the story going at the same time.  


This is fantastic story written by one of the best in the genre.  Mystery, danger, and dark choices propel the story along without feeling like it just jumps from sequence to sequence.  There is a world to explore, and I was definitely glad to be back to start a new adventure with Fitz and company.

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