Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Most of us first saw him on Happy Days, where he played Mork from Ork.  From there, he went on to a spinoff series Mork & Mindy, co-starring Pam Dawber.  We became fans, amazed by his wild, almost manic style of comedic acting.  His mind was so sharp and his wit so quick, it was often hard to keep up with his stand-up shows (Live on Broadway).  Yet he was also able to draw us in with quiet, subtle, heartfelt performances in numerous dramatic films.

He was Robin Williams.

Juilliard trained, Williams proved that he could take on every kind of role, although he might be best remembered for his comedy.  No matter how many times I’ve seen Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire, I still laugh out loud.  And while I enjoy those movies, I do prefer his dramas, especially Awakenings, The Night Listener, and The World According to Garp, as well as his performances on the TV series Homicide, Life on the Streets (episode "Bop Gun") and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (episode "Authority"). And after receiving three Academy Awards nominations for Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and The Fisher King, Williams won the Oscar in 1998 for his fourth nomination for Good Will Hunting.

Below, I’ve listed only a few of Williams’ movies.  Check out an old favorite or a new one you’d like to see.  And celebrate the genius of an actor who could do it all.



The Birdcage
Moscow on the Hudson
Mrs. Doubtfire
Night at the Museum
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian



Dead Poets Society
The Final Cut
Good Will Hunting
Lee Daniels’ The Butler
The Night Listener
One Hour Photo
What Dreams May Come
The World According to Garp



The Fisher King
Good Morning, Vietnam
Patch Adams


Flickr:  CC          :  Oscars Through the Ages          Photo by Beacon