Rocket Girl: The Cool Story To Back Up The Name

rocket girlJet-packs, time travel and crime fighting, what else could you ask for?  In the first volume of Rocket Girl you get all three, and an introduction into a fun new series. 

The NYTPD sent her to 1986 New York City to investigate the Quintum Mechanics mega-corporation for crimes against time. Piecing together the clues, Dayoung Johansson discovers the "future" she calls home -- a high-tech alternate reality version of 2013 -- shouldn't exist at all!

Dayoung is a member of the NYTPD, New York Teen Police Department, a futuristic jet-pack powered police force made from - you guessed it -  teens.  In volume one we don’t get many questions answered.  In fact, I have more questions after reading the book than when I started.  Still, its a great start to what I hope will be a long running series. 

If you decide to give Rocket Girl a try, don’t hate me.  We just received Volume one last month, so we all have to wait to see what happens.