A Rocking Summer @ The Little Blue Library

It has been a BIG summer this year for The Little Blue Library, and we have loved seeing so many new and old faces that we have missed so much over the last year since Harvey.  The summer reading program “Libraries Rock” has officially ended, and it has been so much fun making instruments for our 7 continents 7 instruments for teens and all the wonderful programs for kids from the Books Alive show to the Southwest Dairy Farmers class here at the library with a live cow.  We have been grateful to be able to provide the Kids Café to families in the community, and Fridays have been so much fun participating in Pokémon Go and Geocaching with the whole family.  Kids Café ended last week and we are on a 2-week break for programs except for our Monday story time in the gardens at 10:30 am.  This will allow us to rejuvenate and have time to prepare for upcoming programs you will love.   In addition, it is not too late to collect your prizes for summer reading.  They will be available for you to pick up until Friday, August 17.  So come by and get your prizes because you rock, and we always love seeing you here at Baldwin Boettcher’s Little Blue Library!

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