A Royal Who's Who

The royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton is scheduled for next Friday – and I’m one of those Americans looking forward to it.  I recall setting my alarm to wake up early and get out of bed and watch the wedding of William’s parents, Charles and Diana.  I did the same for Andrew and Sarah.  Even though I’ll not be able to watch the wedding as it’s being broadcast, I will be recording it to watch that evening.

The Royal Family and the House of Windsor have been of keen interest to people all around the world – even among those of us outside the British Commonwealth.  People of wealth and power always attract our attention – especially if we can be privy to their weaknesses as well as their strengths.  And makers of feature films and documentaries are most obliging in letting us know about both.

If you’d like a chance to get to know the British royals just a little better – particularly the lineage of the current family, starting with Victoria and Albert – we have several films available.

Feature films


Honorable mentionRoyal Wedding, a 1951 musical starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, and Sarah Churchill, daughter of Winston Churchill.  While it’s not really about the Royal Family, it is all about the excitement of a royal wedding, this one between Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh.  They’re now known as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, grandparents of next week’s bridegroom Prince William of Wales.


I can't say I've seen any of

I can't say I've seen any of the documentaries, but the TV movies and feature films you've picked out are all utterly watchable. The Young Victoria in particular was a nice surprise -- script by Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park), evocative music, an impressive cast, and a very appealing love story.

I do love The Young Victoria.

I do love The Young Victoria. But I do like the mini-series Victoria and Albert, too, because it fleshes out the courtship and early years of their marriage.

As for documentaries, if you watch just one, I recommend Windsor Castle. It is just wonderful, giving us a look at the workings of the castle and the staff who keep everything going, as well as showing the work that the royal family do. Most of us in the U.S. are unaware of all they do for charities and even international business concerns.

Thanks so much for writing!  Or should I say, "Ta. Ta very much."