Rummy to the Rescue!

Children are invited to come meet Rummy, a blind Siberian Husky, who was rescued off the streets of Houston. He has now become a celebrity, and even has traveled to Hollywood. He now is working to help other dogs that need rescuing. Come meet Rummy and learn how you can help other animals.

When: Tuesday, July 13th @ 3:30 p.m.

  • This program requires a free ticket which may be picked up 30 minutes before the program. Space is limited.  
  • Children attending must be able to sit through the program without an adult.  
  • Photographs will be taken of the group and posted on our Flickr accountIf you do not want your child photographed please inform Ms Susan or Ms Christine before the program starts.

 Note: This is not a photograph of Rummy.

A home for Dixie: the true story of a rescued puppy  Emma Jackson

Adopting pets: how to choose your new best friend  Bill Gutman

Shelter dogs: amazing stories of adopted strays  Peg Kehret

Nothing but a dog  Bobbi Katz

A home for Dakota  Jan Zita Grover

Buddy unchained  Daisy Bix

A small, brown dog with a wet, pink nose Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

"Let's get a pup!" said Kate  Bob Graham

Tex  Myrelene Ranville

Tupelo rides the rails Melissa Sweet.

Photograph provided by BarlettaPhotography's photostream  on Flickr.


That program was grate &

That program was grate & eduactional at the same time lurned a lot about sybarin huskeys, it made me want to adopt a rescue animal right then & their. Now I relly want a syberain huskey.

James, I am so glad that you


I am so glad that you found the program to be informative!  I too was inspired by Ms Lisa and Rummy's story. 
Before adopting a dog, I would recommend that you research the breed of dog that you are interested in.  Below I have listed information that you might fine useful.

Photographs of the Program