An RVing Series For those Who Love to Travel

  The Serpents trail by Sue Henry is the opening book in the Max and Stretch series about  63 year old Maxie McNabb, who has a home in Homer, Alaska but spends her winters touring the lower 48 states in her Winnebago RV along with her mini-dachshund, Stretch.  This story is set in Grand Junction, Colorado and surrounding area. Maxie and her dog Stretch go to be with an old friend who is terminally ill hoping to comfort her in her last days and hear the secret that she would only reveal in person to Maxie.  Upon arrival Maxie finds Sarah's house ransacked, her friend is in the hospital and dies before she can reveal her secret.  As executor of the estate Maxie has to deal with an angry adopted son, hidden papers, threatening phone calls and attempts on her life.