Sabine Stromeyer @ Freeman Library

In cooperation with The Arts of Alliance of Clear Lake, Freeman Library is proud to announce that several works by local artist Sabine Stromeyer are on display in our Internet Cafe and the Marge Jacobson Community Room for the next three months, so come down and check them out while you can.  The text below is taken from the artist's statement provided for the display:

"Works by German artist Sabine Stromeyer are homage to the third dimension.  Her pieces come alive in the space between paintings and sculptures.  They can be easily identified by interesting structures, mysterious textures and surprising surfaces.  Sabine is inspired by the vast variety of designs created by nature which leads her to works like river rock covered panels, water wet appearing ocean scenes, volcanic settings or meditative gold leaf pieces.  Other important sources of inspiration are educational journeys and cross-cultural experiences in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. 

Sabine Stromeyer was born in East Berlin, fled from the Soviet-controlled part of Germany and started a new life and career in Cologne, West Germany.  In 1999, she moved with her husband and son to Houston.  Her artwork has been exhibited in various art galleries and can now be seen in public spaces and numerous private collections within the United States, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy."