Say Hello To Shamrock!

Almost everyday sitting at the Reference desk, I witness a little body or sometimes two making a straight beeline to the big stuffed horse we have in the Barbara Bush Branch Library Children’s Area shouting his name “Maaaaack!!” with pure delight on their faces. Well now to add to that joy, we are very delighted to announce that Mack has been joined by a friend and yes it’s another horse! His name is Shamrock and he is, unlike Mack, gray in color. He has come to us as a very kind donation by Wells Fargo, the Cypresswood branch, made possible for us by Mr. Samuel Edwards, the VP there. We are very grateful to them.


Shamrock already has had some visitors. The first person to ever sit on his back is a sweet four year old, Chandler Saxton and the other two super adorable little riders are Charleigh Mims and Vera Tafilaj. Don’t forget to say hello to Shamrock on your next visit here.