Say It Out Loud - Talking Dictionaries

megaphone picHave you ever come across a word while reading a book, newspaper, etc., that you simply were not sure how to pronounce?  Did you look it up in the dictionary only to find the pronunciation designated by a bunch of strange lines, squiggles and other symbols?  Sure, we all learned how to decipher the symbols back in junior high, but does anyone really remember it all?  I think not!  Ok, now all you English teachers out there take a deep breath and calm down, but sometimes we just need some extra help.  Well, just in time, I give you "Talking Dictionaries".  These great online dictionaries provide an actual audio playback of the word.  There are several websites that offer this service, but the two I like the best are and

Merriam-Webster provides the audio in addition to all the normal info you expect from them, but the audio does open in a pop-up box and must be clicked, so be warned.  HowJSay provides audio only, but does not use a pop-up box, just roll your curser over the word.

Try it now and never mispronounce hors d'oeuvres again!