Scene Stealing Pets in Romance

animal attractionI'll readily admit that I'm the sort of person who carries on conversations with the dogs and finds herself unable to look away from those incredibly sad SPCA commercials, even while sobbing.  So, obviously I am predisposed to like books with animals in them.  While I was reading the latest Jill Shalvis book, Animal Attraction, set in a busy veterinary clinic, I realized just how much the charm of the different animals enhanced my enjoyment of the book.  I loved the kitten who responded to all remarks with "mew" and the parrot who seemed to repeat the most embarrassing part of any conversation he overheard.    As I started thinking about it, there were many other books that joined the list in my head that featured scene stealing pets.

The titles below are the ones I could think of immediately, particularly the dust bunnies from Jayne Castle's ghost hunter books and the cats from Robin Owens' Celta series.  Do you have any favorite books with scene stealing pets?

anyone but youheart matemy one and onlyafter darkserpent's kissbodyguardviscount who loved me