School is ALMOST Out! What will you do ALL summer?

School's Almost Out

School is almost over for the summer! The kiddos are almost ready for a summer of fun. Remember, the library has activities almost EACH and EVERY day! Northwest Library is planning train rides, puppet shows, all sorts of crafts and much more! Be sure to visit our website on June 4th and register for the summer reading program fun. Come on in and pick up a program calendar, too. We have a Summer Reading Program for every age; kids, teens and (even) adults!


Can we sign up before June

Can we sign up before June 4th?

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately not, but be poised on your computer keyboard the morning of the 4th. You can sign up via our website or stop by the library and we will be glad to assist. It is sure to be a great summer!