Sci Fi : Adult Genre Challenge #2

If you like Sci Fi you’ll love this week’s Science Fiction genre display, highlighting a number of subgenres within science fiction -Classic, Hard Sci Fi, Post-Apocalyptic and even Space Opera.  The list that follows focuses on Hard Sci Fi where the emphasis is on the technology, new scientific breakthroughs, or other life changing development.   Hard Sci Fi appeals to readers who are interested in science, fascinated with technology and even those who read nonfiction science works.

Lois McMaster Bujold
Charles Stross
Neal Stephenson
Isaac Asimov
Poul Anderson
Vernor Vinge
Sci Fi, incidentally, is also one of this summer's 8 Genre Challenges in our Adult Summer Reading Program.  Read one Sci Fi book and you can enter the prize drawing for a basket of mystery books.  Read 5 different genres and you can enter our grand prize drawing which includes a Kindle Paperwhite.  For more details call the branch.