Science Fiction Action At The Micro Level

BZRKNanobots are a staple in many science fiction stories;  robots so small they can hardly be seen, even with a powerful microscope.  In Michael Grant’s BZRK these miniature robots are used to spy on people: they see what you see and hear what you hear, can rewire your brain or worse.



Down in the meat, or at the nano level, two opposing groups are waging war against each other:  Bezerk, and the Armstrong Fancy Gift Corporation.  One group seeks to save the world by making everybody think and act the same, the other thinks the world is just fine with all of its sadness and pain.  Both groups are willing to rewire your brain to make you agree with them.  BZRK is full of action at both the micro and the macro level.  While people have gunfights in the streets, others are secretly manipulating their biots into world leaders to further their agenda.  Grant has also created some very interesting characters; some you love to hate, and some you just hate. 


BZRK Reloaded just came out, and a prequel and third book look to be in the works.  Hopefully I’ve convinced you to give the book a shot… or maybe Bezerk has already gotten to your brain and made you want to read them….