Science Fiction Reads for Teens

Alien with feelers by SmeerchWhether you’re already a fan of science fiction or you want to explore the genre more, you might check out some of these reads that are newly released or new to our shelves.  What great science fiction reads to you recommend?





New Science Fiction Reads for Teens

crewel bookjacketbeta bookjacketbreathe bookjacketpirate cinema bookjackettruancy city bookjacket







eve & adam bookjacketgeomancer's compass bookjacketmagisterium bookjacketrootless bookjacketflash point bookjacket







the future we left behind bookjacketflutter bookjacketdeviants bookjacketmidnight city bookjacketshades of earth bookjacket







altered bookjacketshadow society bookjacketrenegade bookjacketapollo's outcast bookjacketashes of twilight bookjacket






Flickr CC: Alien with feelers Photo by: Smeerch