Science Fiction Reads for Tweens

AlienWelcome to another installment of Tween Reads!  This week the focus will be on historical fiction, but keep your eyes peeled for other genres as the weeks go by.  This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but to give tweens and parents some initial guidance as they make their way over to the young adult shelves.  And some of these are titles that are new to the Children’s shelves or might have flown under the radar.  What are your favorite tween science fiction reads?

Mer’s Tween Science Fiction Reads Picks:

nick of time bookjacketshadow project bookjackettrackers bookjacketroar bookjacketsupernaturalist bookjacket





cosmic bookjacketjournal of curious letters bookjacketsearch for wondla bookjacketfound bookjacketthe line bookjacket





zia spacegirl bookjacketstuck on earth bookjacketthe limit bookjacketarchvillian bookjacketadventures cat-whiskered girl bookjacket





only you can save mankind bookjacketsimon bloom bookjackettrue meaning of smekdaywhen you reach me bookjacketleviathan bookjacket





Flickr CC: Alien Photo by: LabyrinthX


And don't forget the Alcatraz

And don't forget the Alcatraz series!!! Very funny science fiction...with evil librarians!!!

Great suggestion!

Great suggestion!