Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

dream.numbers by mark knolLiving in the 21st century, the STEM fields (or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are very important to our lives today and will continue to be so in the future.  Most of us take science and math classes in school and some of us have opportunities to pursue interests in computer science, web design, or different types of engineering either in school or outside of it.  Whether you’re already geeky about math and science – or – (like me) you’ve never thought of yourself as a science or math person, but you’re interested in testing the waters, you might check out some of these titles and web-based resources.  I’ve just listed a few titles for each category, but our eBranch and your local library have a wealth of other resources.  What do you recommend?


fat cat bookjacket

elements bookjacket

american plague bookjacket

half brother bookjacket






iboy bookjacket

for the win bookjacket

safari bookshousehold technology bookjacket

survive a robot uprising bookjacket






bridges bookjacket

incarceron bookjacket

mosque bookjacket

leviathan bookjacket






super crunchers bookjacket

red blazer girls bookjacket

abundance of katherines bookjacket

girls get curves bookjacket

manga guide bookjacket





Flickr CC: dream.numbers Photo by: mark knol