Second Time Around

Sometimes I find an author that I just can’t put down.  It’s like an addiction….and it drives my husband crazy!  Every possible chance I get, I have my face in the book - while watching TV, while waiting for the microwave to finish, while waiting for a webpage to load.  That’s the kind of author I am always looking for.  Suzanne Brockmann happens to be one of those.  I have read just about everything that she has written, so I was very excited to see some new titles pop up. My excitement turned to disappointment when I discovered that the “new” titles were reprints of existing novels that have been combined and put into a book with a “fresh” title.  I felt cheated, and I admit, there was a tinge of anger, because I had previously read all of the books individually. For some odd reason I forged on.  Possibly because of the stories that were picked, my anger and disappointment subsided and now I can’t put them down.  Although I have already read them once before, they are just as good the second time around.

 Now the problem is when I log the stories I have read (yes I do this) do I put the old title or the new one?

Tall, Dark and Fearless       Tall Dark and Deadly   

Tall, Dark and Devastating         Tall, Dark and Daring



I'm a big re-reader, so I

I'm a big re-reader, so I don't mind reprints of older titles with an updated cover, but changing the original title seems kind of sneaky!