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Love reading books and watching DVDs? Did you know you can post reviews on our site? HCPL welcomes you to submit your opinion of the books you've read and the movies you've watched. Share your thoughts on the books you loved (or the ones you hated).

Not sure what you want to read or watch next? You can read book or movie reviews other customers have posted. In addition, kids and teens can write their own reviews and read other reviews of children's and young adult titles. Also, customers can write or read reviews en Espanol.

To help you with writing reviews, here are a few guidelines:

  • The book being reviewed MUST be owned by Harris County Public Library.
  • Reviews will be posted after staff verifies the author and title information.
  • The review can have a maximum of 200 words and should include what you liked about it and why you are recommending it. Please don't give away surprises in the book.
  • Reviewed books should appeal to an Adult audience. Kids and Teen reviews can be submitted on their respective pages.
  • It may take several days before your review is posted.
  • Harris County Public Library staff will determine which reviews will be posted and may edit to clarify or shorten before posting.