Sequel Tuesday: Authority – Southern Reach Trilogy Book Two

AuthorityLast year I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Reader Copy of Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer.  I’m finally getting a chance to read book two and the series is really taking off.

Annihilation was one of the stranger sci fi books I had read in a while.  It doesn’t give the reader many clues about what is going on, but gives you just enough information to keep you hooked.  In Authority we are introduced to the agency that sends out the expeditions into the mysterious Area X.  Don’t expect too much to be given away though.  I am about halfway through and for every answer given about the first book you get two more questions about this second one.  As with Annihilation we are given lots of back stories about the books protagonists, in this case Control, the new head of the Southern Reach program.  It slow down the book a little bit, but gives you some interesting insight into the character. 

Luckily HCPL has all three books in the trilogy, so I won’t have to wait once I’ve finished Authority to finish the series.  Check out book two or any of the series at this link.