Sequels and Prequels, Remakes and Reboots

This is a blog I should’ve done weeks ago.  But it’s a topic I’d not really thought about until the news of the premiere in London of the latest (last!) Harry Potter film.

Summer is the time for the blockbusters.  Those films that we flock to see because they absolutely must be seen on a big screen.  Even bigger than the screens we have at home.  (And some of us have ginormous TVs.)  Whether it’s an event picture like the Harry Potter franchise or a Transformers special effects extravaganza, we want to be in that auditorium, sitting in the dark and munching on popcorn and losing ourselves in the action and emotion of a bigger-than-life movie.

And what worked last summer or the summer before can surely work again, right?  So we get sequels.  Occasionally, we’ll get prequels, too, giving us more of the back story of our favorite movies or characters.  Hollywood will also try remakes of past successful movies and even “reboots” of popular franchises that seem to have played out with the original formula or cast.

Of course this summer is no exception.  In fact, many past hits had sequels and remakes debut in the spring and are still playing in theaters.  And some are destined for fall or winter release.  So in case you want to catch up with your favorites before heading to the theater – or even after – here are some films that were good enough to make again.
And again.
And again.

Movies with Sequels Coming Out or Recently Released

  • Harry Potter                                                                          The Hangover
  • Pirates of the Caribbean                                                   Transformers
  • Cars                                                                                        Kung Fu Panda
  • Final Destination                                                                  Johnny English
  • Twilight                                                                                   Happy Feet
  • Sherlock Holmes                                                                 Alvin & the Chipmunks
  • Mission: Impossible

Movies with Prequels

  • X-Men                                                                                     The Planet of the Apes
  • Shrek (Puss in Boots gets his own movie.)

Movies with Remakes

Movies with Reboots

  • The Muppets                                                                         Spy Kids

Which movies are you most looking forward to?  For me, it's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.  And after that, Cars 2.



You're right; some movies

You're right; some movies just have to be seen on the big screen, preferably at a vintage movie theater after standing in line round the block! That said, there's nothing wrong with watching at home. In fact I don't in most cases about the size of the screen when the story completely absorbs me. I have to say, though, I can't get my head around the idea of a reboot, or of the Americanized versions of movies originally made in, say, Europe or Asia.

Hi -- I completely agree that

Hi -- I completely agree that some films are absorbing, whether on a big screen or not.  In those cases, I think, it's the quality of the movie and not just the big screen experience or special effects. As for remakes of foreign films, I believe it can sometimes work out, with the American versions becoming classics in their own right. The Magnificent Seven, a remake of Seven Samurai, is one that comes to mind. However, it doesn't always work so well.

I suppose it's rather like sequels. Sometimes I look forward to a sequel. Sometimes I'm amazed that a movie did well enough to warrant a sequel or prequel. The talent and enthusiasm on both sides of the camera have a lot to do with the value and success of a film and the desire for a continuation of that story.

Thanks so much for writing!