Series Titles Worth the Wait

clocksWhen you are a dedicated series reader, over time you notice that certain recurring characters seem to take on extra life.  They pop up more frequently and always get the best lines.  They are endearing and engaging.  They find a special place in your reading heart.

That's why one of my pet peeves as a romance series reader is to finally get to one of these stories and it doesn't seem worthy of the character who inspired it.

Not to despair!  I read two series titles last week that avoided this problem entirely -- they were worth the wait.

lothaireLothaire by Kresley Cole

After seeing this cover, I was worried, but I should have had faith in Ms. Cole.  I cannot imagine a more hysterical partner for Lothaire, the aristocratic Enemy of Old, than Elizabeth, the spunky, pragmatic, demon-possessed hillbilly.  I also love that Lothaire doesn't change; he remains the arrogant, sarcastic, vengeful, slightly insane vampire we've read about in 11 previous books.

darker after midnightDarker After Midnight by Lara Adrian

For most of this series I wanted to smack Sterling Chase upside the head and yell "Snap out of it!"  But, the past couple of books, as his character completely derailed, he managed to intrigue me.  This was the final book in this series and I was completely happy with the story and the wrap-up to the series.  Although, I do smell a spinoff...

What about you?  Are there any series titles that made you throw the book across the room or made you cackle with glee?  Share!

Flickr CCClocks:  Photo by Leo Reynolds