Set Sail with a Movie

boatsTwo weeks ago, I blogged about the perfect movies for a hot summer day: beach movies. But sometimes I want more than a beach. Sometimes I want to be out on a boat with the waves gently knocking against the hull, the sea birds flying above, and the wind rushing through my hair. Sometimes I want to push out to the middle of a lake and spend all day idly floating. Sometimes I want to navigate down a river, tube through rapids, and watch the trees on the banks as I float past.

Fortunately, Hollywood has obligingly provided a number of movies that take place on the water. Some of them are lazy day movies and some of them are packed with action and adventure. Either way, they all provide a nice break from the city.

If the ocean (or the lake or the river) is calling to you but you can’t break away from real life, browse the HCPL catalog and request a water movie today!

Kimberly’s Water Movie Picks:Captains CourageousMutiny on the BountyOn Golden Pond

Flickr CCBoats at Dawn in St. Petersburg Marina Photo by: Matthew Paulson