On the Shelf: Committed

I had the most interesting, entertaining company in the car with me the past couple of weeks – the CD of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Committed, read by the author. I’m a big fan of Eat, Pray, Love. I read the book, and I also listened to the CD – twice – because I love Gilbert’s voice. I’d felt as if I’d had a good friend sitting beside me, sharing her secret wants and needs, her sadness and her joy.

I was eager to read/listen to her follow-up book, but the pre-publication promo for Committed made me hesitant, as well. Gilbert herself took great pains to emphasize the differences between her new book, which she subtitled “a skeptic makes peace with marriage,” and Eat, Pray, Love, subtitled “one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.” Reviewers also seemed intent on warning readers that Committed was no Eat, Pray, Love as if to stave off disappointment among her legion of fans.
Well, I’m here to tell you I was not the least little bit disappointed by Committed. Gilbert’s signature wit, intelligence, honesty and compassion are evident throughout as she relates how exactly she made her own personal peace with marriage. I enjoyed every minute of her delightful company. I laughed, I cried and I sighed, much as I did with Eat, Pray, Love – true confession – I’m a sucker for “happily/hopefully ever after” stories, and Committed definitely delivers on that.
“I did not have any way of knowing with certainty on that afternoon what peace and contentment were awaiting me in this marriage (reader: I know it now),” Gilbert says of her wedding day. “But I did feel calm and grateful all the same. It was a lovely day.”
Wow! Am I the only one who’s looking forward to the next installment?!