On the Shelf: A Life in Comedy

Listening to books on CD is something I’ve tended to avoid…until recently. To me, a book has always been something I’ve held in my hands while curled up in my most comfortable chair. In fact, a book has always been something I’ve read, since I first learned to read on my own. 

Mostly, I read fiction, but working at the Kingwood Library the past two years, I’ve often been tempted by non-fiction titles that cross the counter. Fitting those books into my reading time was difficult, however, until I realized many of them were available on CD. They also provide good company, whether I’m driving around town or heading out on a road trip.
In my car’s CD player this week is A Life in Comedy by Garrison Keillor. A consummate storyteller with a mellow voice, Keillor knows how to make his listeners laugh, cry and, most important, wait, as he talks about his life experiences – boyhood to daddyhood and beyond.
If you, too, are having a difficult time getting in all the reading you'd like to do, I recommend trying books on CD from HCPL's extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction titles. It's a whole new way to enjoy a good book!