The time has finally come; the end of one of my favorite series. Sure it was a trilogy, but it was just so darn fun! The characters, the setting, the action, the plot; every element about the story was amazing. It was a great way to finish the series. Alan Cumming is once again narrating the story, and once again he does an outstanding job.

A revolution in Istanbul behind them, Alek and Deryn travel wherever the living airship Leviathan is ordered by the British Empire. Deryn knows Alek’s secret—that he is heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire—but Alek doesn't know that Deryn is truly a girl. They don't have much time to spare for their own personal soap opera as they freewheel around war-torn continents, from Siberia to Japan to the United States to Mexico. Alek and Deryn escape ravenous fighting bears tall as houses, ride atop a gale-tossed airship and star in motion pictures.

The finale (or is it?) of this series is packed with action all the way to very end. Cumming does a phenomenal job keeping the reader enthralled in the story. There really isn’t a true moment in the story where it lacks pace, which is great. The climax comes at you full speed and throws you right into the middle of it.

I really enjoyed this trilogy, which was surprising to me, since I’m not a huge Scott Westerfeld fan. However, my love for history and all things steampunk took over and kept me into the book. Hopefully, Westerfeld will decide to make another story or somehow continue Alek and Deryn’s tale!