Short Stories for Summer Reading

Summertime is an excellent time to peruse some new short stories. The
Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 is a great collection of stories, all Nebula
award nominees, and all beautifully written. There are also several
chapters on the state of SFF today, and also coverage of award nominated
movies. I'd also recommend Legends,which is a collection of novellas from
several famous authors, such as Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, George R.R.
Martin, Raymond Feist.,etc . The novellas are actually new stories set in
the worlds that these authors have made famous. This is where Robert
Jordan's New Spring was first published.

Speaking of Robert Jordan, The Gathering Storm, Pt 1 of The Memory of
Light is scheduled to be released November 3, 2009. The Memory of Light is
the 3 part conclusion to The Wheel of Time, and is being completed by
Brandon Sanderson, per Tor is also running a re-read of the
whole series, to be completed at approximately the same time as the
release. HCPL's catalog of available titles is here, and it includes the
book on cd version (for those tiresome commutes) and also the link to our
downloadable audiobook, that you can transfer to your mp3 player. Happy