Showdown at Two-Bit Creek

showdown at two-bit

The fact that Buck Fletcher is a known gunman should give you some pause for thought. Barring that, the cold glint in his eye should sound some alarm. Among his friends he can count Doc Holiday and Wild Bill Hickok. Sometimes he’s on the side of the law and sometimes a light step over it. Lots of wanna-be shooters would like to outgun him. Like Higgy Conroy and Bill Beaufort. But they (and several other people as well) are in for a surprise. Because there is a lot more to this man than just being handy with a gun. You can bushwhack Buck Fletcher; you can shoot him out of his saddle; you can even convince yourself that he is dead. But you’d better make sure he ain’t still breathing before you put a notch in your gun handle and walk away. Otherwise you might just turn around one day and find yourself staring into the business end of his big ole Colt. And it will be the last thing you’ll ever see.
Showdown at Two-Bit Creek is the first of a trilogy of stories about the gunfighter Buck Fletcher written by Joseph A. West under the byline or Ralph Compton, who passed away in 1998 after writing more that two dozen very successful westerns. This audio version features Terry Evans in an excellent performance.