Si vous êtes étudiant Français?

Do you want to study French or Mandarin but don't have the time to drive to a college? Look no further than the library's language databases.

Live Mocha offers online courses in languages such as French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, and Urdu. Live Mocha does require free registration to enroll in the courses. This resource also has social features to converse with other students. Note: There are two course options basic (free) and plus (paid). 

Mango Languages allows users to learn languages online through everyday conversations. Languages include:  

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Chinese
  • ESL (for Spanish, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese speakers)
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Russian

With Mango Languages, users can start right away, or create an account so that they can learn at their own pace.

Happy learning!


Flickr CCLingua Franca | Photo by: justjorie


Is there more description of

Is there more description of what is provided in the free version of Live Mocha? Such as 3 day trial or only a certain number or hours or content modules that can be viewed? Thanks!