S.I.D. Camp is a success.

Baldwin Boettcher had a successful showing at our S.I.D. Camp.  We used our Science to Investigate, Explore and Discover.  Twenty children who were 4 and 5 years old came to the library to help Ms Nancy and Ms Bonnie with our science camp.  We used our sense of smell to help us discover different smells.  Next the wind came to the library so we could determine what the wind means to me.  Finally on the last day of camp we explored our investigation tool, the magnifying glass.  With our magnifying glass we investigated bugs, ears and our hands.  The children discovered that the magnifying glass makes things bigger. 

Since this was such as success, Ms Nancy and Ms Bonnie will be offering another S.I.D. camp the first week of school (August 24th, 25th and 26th) for 5 year olds.  So watch the calendar and be sure to sign up for our new round of investigation, exploration and discovery into the world of science.  These programs will include our sense of hearing, reversible change (how cold affects our world) and a new investigation tool called prediction.  See you great scientists in August.