Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

I recently started watching a PBS Masterpiece Mystery series called The Grantchester Mysteries. The show was so charming that I decided to read some of the books. The TV series covers the first book in the series, Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death. Canon Sidney Chambers is a young Anglican priest and his church is in the village of Grantchester, quite near Cambridge. He loves jazz, complicated women and solving crimes. His friend, Inspector Geordie Keating, meets with him at the local pub and they work on the latest local crime as they play backgammon and have a pint.  Along the way Sidney ponders life, love, and faith. The result is an intelligent, warm, cozy mystery. You’ll want to pick up the other books in the series, Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night and Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil.