Sing In The Key Of Off

Singing For DummiesI've spent much of my life singing.  Not professionally, of course.  I'll sing along with the radio in my car, while watching a movie at home, and when any old lyric pops into my head.  I have my grandmother and mother to thank for this.  They've done the same thing all my life and their penchant for singing at any given moment has somehow rubbed off on me.  Unlike them, I don't always break out into song when the feeling hits, which is a good thing for my co-workers and much of the general public.  I love to sing, although I don't sing well.   Video games like Band Hero have confirmed this for me.
I've heard it said that anyone can sing if they take the time to learn the basic techniques involved.  Granted, it won't make anyone a powerhouse singer or give them superhero singing powers they weren't already born with, though it can help people like me figure out how to sing without damaging the hearing of those unfortunate enough to be in earshot.  Or so I've been told.  I think I might give it a try.
If you want to try it with me, check out some of these titles.  Happy singing!