Skullduggery Western Style

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The brain works in funny ways sometimes. The word skullduggery, for example, brings to my mind 19th century English literature, grave robbers, and all that sort of thing. To find the word in a western title is just a little disconcerting – to me anyway.  But, it shouldn’t be. The word simply means a crafty deception or trickery of some sort.
Nevertheless, the title Sierra Skullduggery caught my attention right away. The story is actually a sequel to the well-received Gunfighter’s Apprentice by Jerry S. Drake.
Ex-gunfighter Tom Patterson and his wife struggle to thwart and unseen but dangerous enemy’s assassination attempt in 1880s California. A Publisher’s Weekly reviewer described the plot as a “gripping, knuckle-biting adventure.”
After Tom refuses and offer to become a hired gun, his wife Betty is kidnapped and things start to really heat up as secrets are exposed involving a conspiracy of greed, framing and murder.
Will the retired and reformed gunfighter be forced to take up his guns again so resolve the situation?  I’m afraid you’ll have to read the book to find out. And if you’re a real western fan, why not read ‘em both while you’re at it?