Soft Spot for Series

Book Worm Bot by Jenn and Tony BotLike many readers, I love a good series.  Whether the series has been out for a while and I can read them at my own pace – or – whether the series is more recent and I’m anxiously awaiting the release date of the next book, there is something enjoyable about revisiting characters or their worlds over multiple installations.  What are some of your favorite series?

Mer’s Series Picks

down the rabbit hole bookjacket

white cat bookjacket

weetzie bat bookjacket

gideon the cutpurse bookjacket

i'd tell you i love you, but then i'd have to kill you bookjacket






al capone does my shirts bookjacket

carter finally gets it bookjacket

the body finder bookjacket

the christopher killer bookjacket

incarceron bookjacket






ruby red bookjacket

diamond of drury lane bookjacket

something rotten bookjacket

silverfin bookjacket

astonishing adventures of fanboy & goth girl bookjacket






dairy queen bookjacket

angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging bookjacket

across the universe bookjacket

the schwa was here bookjacket

numbers bookjacket





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I love a good series, but I

I love a good series, but I have a horrible tendency to read the first one or two books, then stop for no particular reason. Of the series you have listed, I have started - but not finished - quite a few, including Incarceron.

I am anxiously waiting for the next books in the Gallagher Girls and Curse Workers series, and would love more Young James Bond audio books. But my favorite series on your list is, far and away, Confessions of Georgia Nicholson. I adore those books and was sad to see the series end. Fortunately, Rennison's new book, Withering Tights, is a hilarious start to a promising new series.

Great post!

Thanks, Kimberly!  I have the

Thanks, Kimberly!  I have the opposite problem.  Even after the series no longer captures my interest...I just keep reading.  I keep hoping (sometimes for good reason) that the series will get better again or that my initial interest will have paid off!  I also think that, because LibraryThing shows me all the books I've read that are series titles, I have some crazy urge to make sure all those numbered series are completed!  Argh!

I haven't read Withering Tights, although I can only imagine that it is fabulous.  For now I'm biding my time until the Ruby Red Trilogy is translated and released here in the US.

Thanks for reading!