Some of the Faces of Baldwin Boettcher Library

You may only be seeing one face from the Baldwin Boettcher library these days, but there are several other faces that play a vital role in its function for the public.   Our branch is comprised of 9 staff members, and each one of these people have been part of one of the most amazing teams I have ever worked with.  We do not just get along.  We are a close-knit work family, and we have always had each other’s back through thick and thin.  I won’t go into detail on each person and their job.  I will simply say this: we lost much more than just a building when Hurricane Harvey came to town, we lost a wonderful work environment that we all loved very much.  We recently had the great opportunity to get together for a training and many of us joined together to learn something new and have some fun in the process, as you can see in the photo above.  This class was to prepare us for an event called “Sunday Afternoon in the Park”, and it will be held at Burroughs Park on October 15th. This family festival has wonderful activities, crafts, games, and face painting provided by HCPL staff.  Come check it out!
So the next time you visit one of our other beautiful branches and you see one of Baldwin Boettcher’s smiling faces behind the circulation desk, take the time to say hello and remember we all are looking forward to Baldwin Boettcher’s complete renovation including the public and the library’s wonderful staff.