A Special Note from Margaret to You

It’s been my honor and privilege to serve customers at Harris County Public Library first at Aldine Branch (1976-1983) and then Cypress Creek Branch (1984-2001) and then Barbara Bush Branch (2002-2017).

Some of you have told me that I first helped you at Aldine Branch and some of you have already brought your kids to the library so I could help them find what they needed. Indeed, a longtime HCPL staffer recently told me I helped him at the Cypress Creek Branch back while he was still in high school!

The one constant these past 40 years has been my desire to help customers find the book they were looking for whether it be a current best seller, the next selection for their book club, the biography of the person they need to research for a school assignment, etc. etc. Or the information they needed to start a small business or to draw up their own divorce papers or to change careers, etc. etc.

Thanks for coming back to the library to tell me you got an “A” on that school assignment I helped you gather materials for! Thanks for letting me know that you got that job after I helped you upload your resume to that job Web site!

Thanks, especially, for your kind words as I start a new chapter in my life as a public library customer after so many years as public library staff. I very much appreciate the comments on Facebook after I announced my retirement publicly.

And I have appreciated very much the folks who have been able to drop by the Barbara Bush Branch Adult Services area (on the 2nd floor) to say goodbye in person.

I know I won’t have the chance to say goodbye in person to most of you so I’ll just have to say farewell and you might still see me as I pop in every now and then to grab my books from the Self-Pickup Holds shelves, use the Self-Checkout Units, and disappear once again until my books are due in 2-weeks, 4-weeks, or 6-weeks!

-Margaret Davis
Reference Librarian
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