Spin Cycle

From the earliest days of television, there were spin-offs.  Series that featured characters who started on one series and then graduated to a series of their own.  Even The Andy Griffith Show began as an episode of Make Room for Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show).
Over the decades there have been good, hit TV series spun off previous ones, such as Frasier coming from Cheers.  Of course there have been rather disappointing ones that flopped, like Joey coming from Friends.  But naturally we tend to remember the ones that we liked best.  Ones that made themselves a part of our appointment viewing, just as the parent series did.

I’ve listed some original series and then the popular spin-offs.  And as you’ll see in some cases, the spin-off itself produced a spin-off or two.

All in the Family                                   Maude
                                                                The Jeffersons
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
       CSI: Miami                         CSI: New York
Doctor Who
                                                                The Sarah Jane Adventures
Grey’s Anatomy
                                   Private Practice
Happy Days
                                           Mork & Mindy
Law & Order
                                         Law & Order: Special Victims Unit           Law & Order: Criminal Intent
                                                                 Law & Order: Trial by Jury
                          Law & Order: U K
JAG: Judge Advocate General
         NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service       NCIS: L.A.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Six Million Dollar Man
                The Bionic Woman
Star Trek
                                              Star Trek: the Next Generation                   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
                                                                Star Trek: Voyager                                         Enterprise
Stargate: SG1
                                      Stargate: Atlantis                                           Stargate: Universe

There’s no doubt that the television industry will continue this tradition.  The Closer will close out its run this summer, but the story will continue in a slightly altered version with Major Crimes.  It’s like hit movies spawning sequels, prequels, and reboots.  In fact, there are some TV reboots being planned right now, probably inspired by the successful reworking of Battlestar Galactica into a darker, more dangerous version, also titled Battlestar Galactica.  There’s even a new version of The Munsters in the works.

In fact, I confess that there’s a spin-off I’d like to happen.  Like Raj’s parents on The Big Bang Theory.  It’d be fun to see more of them.

Are there any favorites I missed?  Or any remakes or reboots you’d like to see?