The Spooky Halloween Mega Post of Madness (and Laziness)

Hey, readers!

Sooo, it’s pretty much Halloween, and I was thinking that instead of doing my usual three posts/month reviews, I’d just make one mega-post this month with a large variety of books to discuss for your pleasure. But in, like, a more abridged than usual sort of way. Because this Insidious 3 movie ain’t gonna watch itself.


The Troop- Put simply, this book is best described as Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher meets Lord of the Flies and it’s just as stomach-churningly horrifying as that sounds. In a good way.



Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone – Want to be scared but you’re cursed with a short attention span due to side effects caused by years of Twitter, binge-watching 15 second videos of screaming goats and consuming >3 paragraph creepypastas on Reddit? This is the perfect book for you! This book consists of loosely connected stories revolving around a group of men and women recounting bizarre incidents in their childhood all living in one creepy little town.


Welcome to Night Vale- Whether or not you’ve heard of the mysterious, ridiculous, sometimes genuinely creepy podcast by the same name, this is not a book to make direct eye contact with. Seriously, do not look directly at the eye. Do not do it. DO NOT. And now, the weather.




The Library at Mount Char- Carolyn is a bit of a nerd. A magical nerd, to be exact, living in a magical library owned by her not-father who might or might not be a god but who is also missing or possibly dead. So now there’s the question of what happens now? Carolyn and her fellow not-brothers and not-sisters must nerd their way to the truth, but in the most awesome and violence-filled way possible, while also protecting the magic library from other maybe-gods who want to mosey on in now that dad’s on vacation/rotting in a shallow grave somewhere.


The Boy Who Drew Monsters- Children with wicked awesome imaginations are super cool. A child with a wicked awesome imagination who might be using said imagination to draw up abominations never meant to see the light of the sun that then might or might not be coming to life to savage the town? Significantly less cool. Now meet his terrified parents!


This is Not a Test- Hey! Do you like zombies? Do you like heart-wrenching teen drama that makes you wanna curl up around a box of tissues and tea and never get up ever again because you have been emotionally destroyed? Then this is the book for you!



The Girl from the Well- Ever wonder what day to day life was like for the ghost girl from The Ring? No, like, the actual ghost. Like, what she did when she wasn't murdering you for watching her haunted murder tape. And, what exactly was she thinking when she was murdering your face off? Well, this might give you a pretty good idea. While not actually the girl from The Ring, the story still follows the archetypal Japanese vengeful ghost tale, but this time, from the point of view of the ghost.


Anya’s Ghost- Anya is a socially awkward teen who happens to fall down a big ole hole and finds herself making reluctant besties with the ghost whose crib said hole is. Antics and attempted murder ensues.



Broken Monsters- Detroit. Done screaming? Okay, Broken Monsters follows Detective Gabriella Versado as she tracks down a killer in Detroit leaving behind murder scenes that would make the cinematographers of tv’s Hannibal stand up and do a slow clap.



Welp, that's about all she wrote for this post. I hope you dudes find something here to Yertle your Turtle. Have a spooky Halloween, you guys.