Spooky Tales for Teens and Adults

We’re into the heart of October now, and while next week we’ll have some not so spooky options for the younger crowd,  it’s now time to get to the truly spooky stuff—the books that will get your heart racing, palms sweating and mind whirring. I’ve got eight books for teens and eight for adults here, all terrifyingly creepy in their own way. From zombies to ghosts to monsters that go bump in the night, to the scariest thing of all: humanity, these recommendations are not for the faint of heart. Might want to sleep with a light on after these. 




The Fever
There's Someone Inside Your House
The Rules
Through the Woods


The Replacement
House of Furies
The Third Twin
Blood and Salt


Strange Weather
In The Woods
House of Leaves


Bird Box
We Need to Talk about Kevin
Ghost Story
The Haunting of Hill House

Flickr CC: Horror: W H