Spring has sprung!

So it is officially springtime! There are lots of stories about spring, but here are some you might not have found if you were looking:


A New Beginning: celebrating the spring equinox by Wendy Pfeffer. This one is in the holiday section; it talks about the traditions and celebrations that people throughout history and around the world still take part in at the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Bunny Bunny Catkin by Cathy MacLennan. The art is very cute with splotches of paint turned into bunnies and pussy willows and bluebirds.

One that always use at storytime is Possum and the Peeper by Anne Hunter. Possum and other animals go in search of the creature making those loud peeping noises that woke them up. (When fall comes around try Possum's Harvest Moon.)

A lot of books about spring have daffodils as a sign of spring (Splish splash Spring, My Spring Robin, among others) which is kind of a let-down, since daffodils that grow in Houston bloom in winter, but this brand new book is really cute anyway - That's not a daffodil! by Elizabeth Honey. Its an import from Australia.

In Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson, Fletcher the fox sees blossoms that have fallen from the trees and thinks it has snowed. Fletcher also has a really cute fall/winter story: Fletcher and the Falling Leaves