Squirrel Silliness Discovered on Internet!

Also featuring: Ultimate Tag Team Match Up,
and Are Squirrels Planning a Hostile Take Over of the Planet? The Facts You Need to Know!

Squirrel in fez 

 In his National Wildlife Magazine article “Crazy over Squirrels,” Michael Lipske observed that “Americans are schizoid about gray squirrels.” They are “a scourge to some, a delight to others.” He then goes on to profile representatives of each camp. It’s a good introduction to this heated national debate.

In my last post I promised The Ultimate Tag Team Match Up: Squirrel Lovers and Squirrel Huggers v. Squirrel Hunters and Squirrel Haters and, as promised, here it is:

Pro-Squirrel: The Squirrel Lovers Club & Squirrel Rights League v.

Anti-Squirrel: North American Defense against Squirrels & The Anti Squirrel Coalition

However, both sides in the debate were so focused on squirrels that they only obliquely engaged the other side. As a result, although informative, it lacked the sports entertainment value of some of the matches on You Tube (Squirrel v. Mop, Squirrel v. Stick, or Squirrel v. Squirrel). Also while reading the anti-squirrel websites I formed a suspicion that they might not be entirely serious. 

The Internet can be a treasure trove of silliness, and there is some connection in the human psyche that links squirrels with silliness. We see them as a spokes-species for silly, and as a result of interacting with them we are often proved into very silly behavior. With that said, here are some of my favorite silly squirrel websites:

Squirrel with camera     Photographing Squirrels
“There is nothing better than sharing your hobby with another species!” declares photographer and camera collector Scott Alan Johnson on his website Photographing Squirrels. It does not contain how to do it instructions for wildlife photography; it is a collection of photographs of squirrels taking pictures. 

Squirrel in sombrero     Scary Squirrel World
Scary Squirrel World contains theories on the origin of squirrels, such as “The Preternatural Theory: supporters of this theory think that skwerls are alien life forms from outer space. The theory solves the problem of how nutzys got to earth, but not necessarily where they came from in the first place. Preternatural theory is very popular with the unfortunate victims of skwerlien abductions. Some claim that their chitterbox abductors imprisoned them in a giant tree on the far side of the sun. NASA has been unable to confirm this."

Squirrels In Black      Squirrels in Black
“The truth isn’t out there. It’s here.” You must sign in according to your species: human, squirrel, or other.

Albino squirrel     Albino Squirrel Preservation Society
"An international network of college-level chapters dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of albino squirrels worldwide. The club was formed in April of 2001 at the University of Texas." It has Chapters at both UT and A&M, so you know they're open minded. 

Squirrel in derby     Roadside America 

And for your vacationing enjoyment,“Your Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions” gives you the real world hometowns of Black Squirrel and White Squirrel populations. Black and White squirrels are not separate species of squirrel, but are respectively, either melanistic or albinistic squirrels. They might be either Eastern Gray Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) or Eastern Fox Squirrels (Sciurus niger), or some other species, but when a bunch of them show up together it’s an attraction.

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