Squirrel Tales to Inspire

SquirrelOctober is Squirrel Awareness Month and there is a varied and robust Literature of Squirrels Stories available at the library that will inspire and entertain you! Here are just a few:
How Groundhog's Garden Grew       How Groundhog's Garden Grew / by Lynne Cherry
Squirrel shows Little Groundhog how to gather seeds, plant them in the spring and care for the plants as they grow. Little Groundhog’s vegetable garden does so well that he invites his neighbors to a big thanksgiving feast.
Merle the High Flying Squirrel       Merle the High Flying Squirrel / Bill Peet
Merle, a scrawny young tree squirrel who lives in a big city park, decides to be brave and take a trip west to see the giant trees that he’s heard are as big as buildings. A goldfinch tells his that it’s too far for a squirrel to travel on foot. But he sets off west traveling the telephone wires until a chance encounter with at tangled kite gives him an unexpected lift.

Heart to Heart      Heart to Heart / George Shannon; illustrated by Steve Bjorkman
Squirrel is in a panic. His best friend Mole has just sent him a Valentine’s Day card, and he’s on his way to Squirrel’s home bringing a cake. But Squirrel had forgotten about Valentine’s Day and must scurry around to make Mole a card.

Acorns Everywhere       Acorns Everywhere! / by Kevin Sherry
This silly squirrel is so busy gathering nuts, burying and hiding them that he gets dizzy and then distracted by a bear that he can’t remember where he put them. It's an inspiration to laugh!

October is Squirrel Awareness Month