SRP Program - Snakes

Sit back, shed those snake fears, and sink your fangs into some exciting fun!

We will learn about snakes, snake myths, and dangers as well as how snakes benefit the environment and snake safety.
This program will require a ticket. Tickets are free and available 30 minutes prior to start times. All children must be able to sit through the program without an adult. Seating is limited and programs will begin on time.

Books for Kids


 The Great Snake: Stories from The Amazon  Sean Taylor 

As the Rio Afua ferry wends its way along the Amazon, Sean Taylor takes in not only the sights and sounds of this extraordinary landscape but also the stories of the people he meets. From sly jaguars and the slowest of sloths to spine-tingling giant serpents and white-suited strangers, his retellings teem with legendary beings, vivid color, earthy comedy, and the mysteries of the rainforest. Together, with Fernando Vilela's dramatic, color-saturated illustrations, they reveal the Amazon peoples' beliefs and way of life. Notes and a glossary provide additional information about the region.

 Discover Snakes Sujatha Menon

DISCOVER SNAKES introduces readers to a variety of snakes, from pythons to boa constrictors and cobras. Amazing images and text explain about a snake's fangs, life cycle, senses, and how they fight and move. The book also discusses the different snake families and the hunting styles of each.

Snakes Seymour Simon

Describes, in text and photographs, the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of various species of snakes. 

Snakes  Susan Schafer.

Having a pet can be one of the great pleasures in a young life. This informative series sheds light on some of the animals that make the best pets. Accompanied by engaging photographs, the text provides practical information as well as fascinating history and folklore. This book includes petcare hints and general information that will help to expand the reader's understanding of and appreciation for snakes.

Books for Parents

Venomous Snakes of Texas: A Field Guide  Andrew H. Price.

Texas has about one hundred twenty native species and subspecies of snakes, fifteen of which are venomous. Since 1950, Texans have turned to thePoisonous Snakes of Texaspamphlet series published by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for help in identifying these snakes and for expert advice on preventing and treating snakebite.

Venomous Snakes of Texas, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of Poisonous Snakes, carries on this tradition as a one-stop, all-you-need-to-know guide to Texas's rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, and coral snakes. In this authoritative field guide, you'll find: Full-color photographs and a County-by-County distribution map for each species.

  • Each species' common and scientific name, description, look-alikes, and a summary sketch of its habitat, behavior, reproduction, venom characteristics, predator-prey relationships, and fossil record.
  • Up-to-date advice on recognizing venomous snakes and preventing and treating snakebite, both at home and in the field.
  • A glossary of terms and an extensive bibliography.
  • A special feature of this guide is an expanded treatment of the ecological and evolutionary context in which venomous snakes live, which supports Price's goal "to lessen the hatred and fear and to increase the understanding, the respect, and even the appreciation with which venomous snakes should be regarded."