Star Wars and Eragon

Before I begin, let me state I am fan of both series and I am excited to see how the Inheritance Cycle finishes. Recently as I have been listening to the audio books of the Inheritance Cycle again in preparation for the final book’s release, I came to the realization the story of Eragon is heavily influenced by Star Wars.  How did I come to this conclusion?  Well, lets look at the facts.

In both Star Wars and Eragon, we have a seemingly orphaned boy living with an aunt and uncle (in Eragon’s case uncle and cousin) who come into posession of something which completely changes their lives and ultimately cause the death of their guardians.  Eragon and Luke are then forced to flee with an elder mentor whom they have either known or known-of their entire lives.  On the journey to their ultimate goal to defeat a foe, Eragon and Luke’s education begins, but before it is finished their mentor is killed by their foe.  In the process both characters rescue a princess from the clutches of the empires. They then join the rebel forces who are attacked at their base and strike a blow against the respective empires.

The Second and Third books of the Inheritance Cycle are similar to Empire Strikes Back but continues to the beginning of the Return of the Jedi.  From here both characters are separated from most of their companions and journey to an even older and more powerful mentor to continue their training.  Both discover the are more powerful then they dreamed, but are forced to leave to assist their friends before their training is complete.  They then enter a battle where they discover a secret about their fathers which rocks their world.  Both are forced to rescue a friend who is lost and return to their mentor only to discover that beside a few parting words of wisdom, their teachers are no longer able to teach them.  By the end of Brisingr, Eragon’s mentor Oromis has passed and of course Yoda dies near the beginning of Return of the Jedi

There are many characters who have similarities between the two series, some cross more then one character.

In many ways Murtagh is the Darth Vadar character of the Eragon series.  He has been forced by Galbatorix to do horrible things and has shown some enjoyment in the actions even though he hates being a slave.  Darth Vadar of course was “seduced by the Dark side” but showed redemption at the end of Return of the Jedi.  Will we see a similar redemption of Murtagh in Inheritance?

Both Nasuada and Arya share similarities to Princess Leia.  Although neither is a sister to Eragon, Nasuada certainly has acted as sister to Eragon in many situations.  All three are the equivalent to princesses of their respective peoples and share a heavy burden in being leaders of the rebellions.

Orik’s character has many similarities to Lando Calrissian.  He is the leader of his people, good friend to the main character, but is more on the outskirts of the story then a main character.

While slightly more important, Saphira has the same role as R2D2.  Definitly more locquacious, but still the driving force behind the story.  Saphira is always with our main character as support and protection. In no way am I saying the character of Saphira is the same as a droid.  She like R2D2 is the impetus for the story.  They both help the story move along.

One obvious similarity to the  Star Wars stories is the opportunity to write a series of prequels to tell the story of how the Riders fell and the story truly began.

Will Christopher Paolini continue the similaritiesd between the stories in his fourth title, or will it veer off in a new direction?