Star Wars by way of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher combines the classic style of Shakespeare with George Lucas's  Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope. Wait! Don't write it off too quickly. As quirky as it sounds, the iambic pentameter and old English is rather charming in the Star Wars setting.

TROOPER 4: Pray, show me now thy papers.

OBI-WAN: Nay, thou dost not need to see his papers.            

TROOPER 4: Nay, we do not need to see his papers.

OBI-WAN: True it is, that these are not the droids for which thou search'st.

 TROOPER 4: Aye, these are not the droids for which we search.

OBI-WAN: And now, the lad may go his merry way.

TROOPER 4: Good lad, I prithee, go thy merry way! 

OBI-WAN: Now get thee hence.    

TROOPER 4: Now get thee hence, go hence!    

The book is written in stage play format with numerous references to various Shakespearian works, which those of you very familiar with his plays may easily spot, as well as the many  "in jokes". The illustrations are also one of the highlights, as you get to see the Star Wars cast of players dressed in Elizabethan space style (it's sort of Steampunk). 

There's even a sneaky Star Trek reference....see p. 109.

Leave a comment: is it too Shakespeary, is it not enough Star Wars, would you and your friends do a stage version?