Starting Over

I am a firm believer that book series should have a definite beginning and end, and not just keep continuing on because they are selling well.  All of you series readers know what I mean -- sometimes no matter how much you love the characters, the story has come to a natural conclusion.  How do authors bring that about in a way that will satisfy their fans and then try something new?

I recently read Run the Risk by Lori Foster, the first book in a new series.  The author left a note in the beginning telling readers that she's happy we enjoyed her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, but she is ready to tell other stories.  I admired her for speaking directly to the readers about it.  The new book introduces an intriguing brother and sister on the run after witnessing a murder and the detectives trying to gain their cooperation.  The reader met all of the characters that will be featured in books to come and was set up for further suspense.  A promising start.

Another author I enjoy takes a different approach and seems to follow her muse wherever it goes and readers can come along for the ride.  Some of my favorite books by Jacquelyn Frank set up an elaborate fantasy world that was only visited in that one book.  Her latest book, Forbidden, is connected to the Nightwalkers series, but features a very different mythology.  The Bodywalkers have existed in spirit since ancient Egypt and inhabit physical host bodies that they exchange at death.  When Docia Waverley is hit by a car on her way to work, she finds out that her life will never be the same.  I really liked this one and hope that we see another couple of books in this world.

So, how about you?  Will you follow an author when they are ready to start a new series or do you want them to keep writing for your favorite characters?